Our Story

 PCI LLC was formed…

out of a belief that in our current market labor is the key to delivering a superior product. Most General Contractors “sub out” most if not all of the work to other contractors. These contractors’ allegiance is to themselves which makes controlling things like manpower, scheduling and quality much more difficult. PCI LLC has developed strategic partnerships with local tradespeople. By being their primary source of work their main objective is to keep PCI LLC happy so the flow of work continues. This allows PCI LLC the flexibility to manage the manpower, schedule and quality control which translates to a superior product and greater experience for clients.

The Principals of PCI LLC have a combined experience of over 50 years. Extensive experience in the field allows them to see problems before they happen and take the necessary preventative steps. Their experience also gives them unique abilities to solve problems and troubleshoot issues out in the field. Their experience isn’t entirely field based. They also bring a high level of managing the extensive paperwork that a project can generate as well as managing the operational side of projects.